February 7, 2016

hwk3 Persuasive speech opening


Video games, some parents love them others hate them and call them a waste of time. But new research has proved otherwise as they may have positive effects on life skills. Studies show that those who play video games have improved abilities in the real world aswell as virtual. These include but ar not limited to; better team skills, faster reaction times, they improve vision and they can also serve as a stress reliever. Would you deny your child these life skill?


First off i compared two different views on video games which made the reader relate to one of them. I did this because it the reader relates to a point then they are more likely to read on and see if the writers opinion is the same as theirs, and if it isn’t then theirs might be changed as they have now read and argument against it. I also listed all of the pros of gaming and this gives the reader information they may have not previously had on the subject. I also ended on a rhetorical question is used to emphasize my point that video games are good not bad.

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