May 2, 2016

HWK 2 – Fast Track

Should theme parks allows fast track? This is the question I will be discussing today.
I personally think that you should not be allowed to pay to skip queues. The reason I think this is that queues are one of the most fair systems there is at the minute. Or it was until people with more money got to go ahead of the people with less. Is their money not worth anything just because they didn’t pay as much as the fast track people?
Some people compare this system to bribery, you pay more money to get what you want quicker or without waiting.
However this service isn’t just limited to theme parks as you can pay to jump queues at many tourist attractions.

Some people may argue against me and say that the theme parks need the extra money to pay for repairs and maintenance on the rides. I disagree with this because its already expensive enough to get in alone. Then you also have the overpriced food, gift shops and whatever else they might be using to steal your money. The entrance price for Thorpe Park is £38 but adults and children will need to spend £60 for fast track.

But this system sounds so convenient, pay £22 to skip everyone else in line ad take their seat straight away, which is why so many people have started doing it. This will only make the problem worse because the more people that fall for the trap of fast track the longer the normal people have to wait in line. As a result of the longer lines the normal people will then also upgrade to fast track and then eventually that may even become normal with the cheaper tickets being bought less.

I know fast track will probably stay over the next few years but for it to be even a little bit fair to the people in the normal queues I think that it should slow them down by taking all of their seats. Small rides move slowly enough as it is and with the parks selling so many passes often 50% of the seats have to be given to the fast track holders in order to make their wait short enough to justify having charged them for the privilege. I think there should be a set amount of seats for fast track holders. Somewhere around 30% of the rides maximum capacity as there line is about 90% shorter.

My final thoughts on this topic are that it is completely unfair and is bias towards the people that do have money and can afford fast track. It is also making the experience worse for everyone else by extending their queue times by up to 50%.

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