April 24, 2016

HWK 1 – Theme Study

The movie I am going to be analysing is called ‘True Grit’ and is directed by the well known duo that go by the name of The Coen Brothers. The main character of this movie is a 14 year old girl called Mattie Ross. She is on a mission along with a local U.S marshall names Rooster Cogburn to avenge her father who was killed by one of his own workers (Tom Chaney).

Along the way they somehow manage to pick up a Texas ranger called LaBoeuf who tags along with them to find Tom for his own reasons. Whilst they are out looking for Tom in the wilderness they find a lot of unlikely dangers. Despite this the trio perseveres and they all show signs of true grit. An example of this would be when Mattie gets bitten by a highly venemous rattle snake but Rooster carries her miles to the closest doctor despite the odds being highly against him. Another example of grit would be when Rooster , again, tries to take 4 men on house own. He emerges victorious despite being shot once or twice, but at the end of the day does it really matter to a man with as much grit as him?

Mattie even shows grit in the movie such as when she gets left behind after paying Rooster to find Tom even though she said she wanted to come with him. She swam across rapids in a river to catch up to him. Mattie also knows how to handle herself. Such as when she was arguing with the stable master about the prices of her ponies, which in the end she got her way. As she all ways does.

Our final member of the trio, LaBoeuf, shows grit as well. He gets hit tongue half bitten off and has to fire one of the most important shots in the whole movie. The one that decides wether Rooster lives or dies. He also came all the way from Texas just to find one man and you must be joking if you think anyone is stopping him, especially when paired with Rooster. Despite the constant arguing.

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  1. Excellent reading journal entry, Ethan. Well done.


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