Here is a list of drugs that are derived from plants: . Aspirin . Morphine . Penicillin . Quinine Drugs need to be tested but they can be prescribed because they need to be guaranteed to work and be safe so that don’t harm your body instead of helping it. There are three main stages […]

Antibodies ( also known as immunoglobulins) are Y shaped proteins designed to stop antigens (basically just unwanted visitors) from entering our bodies. They do this by finding and labeling the antigens. Which lets the body destroy them. However each antibody is made for one and only one antigen, and it’s fitted with special receptors that […]

Diffusion is when particles move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. The particles don’t all take the same net movement (net movement being the overall direction of flow of a substance) Materials like oxygen, carbon dioxide and glucose enter and leave cells by diffusion. this is useful when a […]

By using microscopes scientists were able to discover the existence of microorganisms, study the structure of cells and see the smallest parts of plants, animals and fungi. None of which would be possible with the naked eye or without the help of microscopes. Microscopes use magnification to make small things appear large despite being microscopic […]

Natural selection is the process of animals dying out whilst others in the same species survive due to small changes helping them survive in there environment to also pass these changes down to there offspring. This takes action over millions of years. Its not an overnight thing and the changes may not even be noticeable. […]

The boy perspective piece plan. THINK: .How he misses the old man. .Wonders if the old man is ok. .Wonders if the old man has finally caught a fish. .If he is going to catch anything. SMELL: .He can smell the saltyness of the ocean and the smell of fresh fish. SEE: .He can see […]

Should theme parks allows fast track? This is the question I will be discussing today. I personally think that you should not be allowed to pay to skip queues. The reason I think this is that queues are one of the most fair systems there is at the minute. Or it was until people with […]

The movie I am going to be analysing is called ‘True Grit’ and is directed by the well known duo that go by the name of The Coen Brothers. The main character of this movie is a 14 year old girl called Mattie Ross. She is on a mission along with a local U.S marshall […]

Paragraph Video games, some parents love them others hate them and call them a waste of time. But new research has proved otherwise as they may have positive effects on life skills. Studies show that those who play video games have improved abilities in the real world aswell as virtual. These include but ar not […]

The Killers (modern adaptation) “i’ll take a bag of chips,” the man called Al said. He was wearing a black Addidas tracksuit and a snapback. His face was partially hidden by his hood. He also wore a pair of leather gloves and had a bandana around the bottom half of his face. “Give me some […]